New Forms Six


NFS is an organized network of scientists, creative mavericks, media gurus and cultural producers focusing on raising awareness of important environmental topics.

We work to inspire sustainable systemic changes through communicating trusted science, organizing cultural events, public presentations, workshops and running nation-wide media campaigns.


The purpose of the New Forms Six organization (abbreviated as NFS) is to provide production, coordination and communication services in the areas of sustainability and climate change.

NFS was founded shortly after the organization of the TEDxNárodní conference in response to the growing number of demands for our services and based on the growing interest in the topic of climate change.

The NFS management team has a strong social and environmental professional background and more than 10 years of experience in the production of cultural events and project management. Our thematic focus from the past ranges from mental health and personal development to topics focused on the environment, climate and sustainability. We have a lot of experience in both business and non-profit sectors.

Our strengths include team leadership, problem solving, diplomatic and assertive communication, strategic thinking, campaign development, project planning and coordination, innovation and networking.

In NFS, we work using a project-based approach and treat every single project under the organization as a separate entity, with its unique team, mission and diverse funding sources.

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